Maritime decoration for your home

The Morris Antique Shop now offers a selection of Maritime Decorations for everyone. Whether small boats, wooden caskets or antique globes, the decoration of the sea is as varied as the ocean. Maritime decorations are an eye-catcher in every living room. In addition to their fine workmanship, the English antiques are signs of a bygone era. In the sign of the Victorian era, maritime decorations embody the British shipping culture of the time. These English antiques combine wonderfully with modern furnishings and create a striking accent everywhere thanks to their chic form and fine ornaments. From small compasses to large maritime lamps, the wide product range extends. Since all Maritim items were hand-processed, these decorative items are of the highest quality. Turn your home into a center of sailor accessories and take your guests on a journey across the sea.

Holz Segelschiff

Holz Segelschiff

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Chesterfield sofa in combination with the Maritim decorations

If you think you can not do anything with Maritim decorations, since you already have Chesterfield furniture in the living room, you are wrong! Nothing is as easy to combine as a Chesterfield sofa. But how do you best combine your beloved Chesterfield sofa with Maritim decorations? Is your sofa dyed blue? Well, perfect! Blue as the sea - there is nothing to improve. If you have a classic chesterfield in shades of brown, keep the other furniture and decorations brown as well and possibly combine a second color, for example white. If you have a black or white Chesterfield sofa, make a modern decor with a touch of sea through maritime decorations!

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