Living room furniture and dining room furniture

The living room and the dining room are sociable rooms. Spaces where we come together and enjoy being with our loved ones. Therefore it is very important to find beautiful and good living room furniture or dining room furniture. At Morris Antiques you will find wonderful dining room furniture such as kitchen tables made of the finest solid wood such as mahogany and yew. Enjoy a good meal with friends and family at a table where even the Queen would dine. As the heart of family life the living room deserves just as well a lovely design with beautiful and cozy antique living room furniture. Living room furniture, such as side tables or buffet cabinets, are not to be despised. And even the matching Chesterfield sofa, of course, is not far from this category.

Antique wooden etagere and antique coffee table matching the Chesterfield sofa

The antique wooden etagere is a versatile high quality piece of furniture. It can be used perfectly as a corner shelf or serving table and fits perfectly next to the Chesterfield sofa. They are designed in various ways. Beautiful inlays, brass pieces and detailed carvings can adorn the noble wood oft he antique wooden etagere. All kinds of porcelain,  fine crockery, food, drinks and decorations can be placed on this special storage rack and refine your living room. The more simple and yet popular antique coffee table is also a very special piece and can be used to serve drinks, hold a vase of flowers or just look nice without anything laid down on it. It also matches the Chesterfield sofa perfectly. The antique coffee table and the antique wooden etagere are often made of finest solid wood which makes them sturdy and durable. Therefore these pretty pieces of furniture remain for generations.


Antique dining tables and antique dining chairs for your dining room

An lovely antique dining room of course needs suitable antique dining tables and antique dining chairs. Fortunately, we have a large selection of finest antique dining chairs and antique dining tables at stock. All of them are made of noble solid wood such as oak, mahogany, walnut and rosewood. These lovely sorts of wood are known for their attractive patinas and their sturdiness.So antique dining tables and antique dining chairs are very durable and can be passed on to your children, their children, their grandchildren and so on, and they will still most likely be in a good condition. We have antique dining tables in all sizes, from the small round dining table for at most four persons up to large, extendable dining tables for eighteen persons. We also have different sets of nice antique dining chairs: there are high quality pairs oft wo and sets of fourteen chairs for you to choose from.

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