Vintage furniture, retro furniture and Art Deco furniture

We do not only offer antiques from long forgotten centuries. Here you can find vintage furniture, and Art Deco furniture from the last century as well es brandnew high quality retro furniture. This is completely different from Victorian mahogany tables and Chesterfield sofas, but no less impressive! This new trend gives birth to nostalgia and reminds of the good old days. Merry colours and new forms inspire the mind. And the attractive design of the Art Deco furniture inspires many furniture lovers today. Vintage furniture and retro furniture are also in great demand, as their unique look makes every furniture lover's heart beat faster. Whether you are looking for Art Deco armchairs, retro sofas or vintage tables – you will find it here!

"Las Vegas" Clubsessel in Classic Grey, Art Déco Clubchair, Loungesessel

"Las Vegas" Clubsessel in Classic Grey, Art Déco Clubchair, Loungesessel

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Vintage Style Leather Furniture, Retro Style Leather Armchairs and Art Deco Style Leather Sofas

Vintage style leather furniture and retro style leather armchairs have a special style that can be described as peppy, innovative and experimental. Typical of this style are organic shapes, such as the kidney table and the curved cocktail chair with fabric or leather cover. While retro is a buzzword and describes a design that imitates styles of the past, vintage leather furniture are real older pieces, but not as old as real antiques, in other words original pieces from the pevious century. Here we offer beautiful vintage style leather furniture, but also retro style leather armchairs and of course fine Art Deco style leather sofas. The style of the 30s revives through the Art Deco style furniture, in most of these vintage style leather furniture reflect the 50s again. Art Deco style furniture, such as Art Deco style leather sofas and retro style leather armchairs are particularly sought after items that you will also find in our category.


 Art Deco leather armchair and Bauhaus tubular steel armchair

By the way, the art deco movement from Paris experienced its high-period in the 1920s and 1930s - just like the German Bauhaus in Weimar. Here are some furniture styles which stand out a lot. For example, the typical Art Deco leather armchairs which are made of high-quality, quilted real leather and complemented with aluminum panels or wooden planks. The corresponding counterpart to the Art Deco leather armchair is the Bauhaus tubular steel, „Stahlrohr“ in German, armchair. It is much slimmer upholstered, usually black chair in a rather cool and sober style, but the steel tube frame around the leather upholstery has a magnificent, simple elegance. Both Art Deco leather armchairs and Bauhaus „Stahlrohr“ armchairs convince with their unique style which creates a very special flair.

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