Antique Country Furniture - Rustic English Wooden Furniture

The country style, also called cottage style, has a long history and is especially sought after by friends of the cozy and rustic interior. In addition to our antique period furniture, we also offer a large selection of genuine antique country furniture. These are rustic English wooden furniture which reminisce of rural life in times gone by. It is believed that the roots of antique country furniture are in the rural residences of the English nobility - the so-called country houses. These were often furnished with precious English wooden furniture. Comfortable and well-padded seating and floral patterns completed the style. But antique country furniture is otherwise quite different, which is due to the fact that the style has developed differently in different areas. Some of the English wood furniture is more rustic than others, some are more minimalistic and others use completely different wood. You will surely find the right furniture for your preferred country house style here.

Features of English country furniture and antique solid wood furniture

What does English country furniture actually look like? We already mentioned that the country style does not always look the same. Nevertheless, there are some characteristics that make up the style. Typical for English country furniture, for example, is that it is always antique solid wood furniture. The country house style lives from strong and robust wooden elements. It can be dark heavy oak, which provides a very special coziness, medium light and friendly elm or all-natural and inviting bright softwood. The antique solid wood furniture usually has an unpainted, beautifully grained patina and is discreetly carved. The legs of tables and chairs are often turned and tend to be rather strong. Filigree lines are rare in the country house style - sometimes there are fine turned spindles in the backrests of country chairs. But yet it is always typical that the antique solid wood furniture appear strong and sturdy, and that they create coziness. As a complement to the English country furniture natural and classic fabrics such as linen are often used. These usually wear floral motifs, such as sunflowers or wildflowers or just vines.

The antique Windsor Chair - a true Victorian country chair

The antique Windsor Chair is a prime example of country house furniture. Made of solid dark wood, with very simple details and little to no ornamentation, it is a typical example of a Victorian country  chair. The antique Windsor Chair is often constructed of elm and ash and usually has comfortable rounded wooden armrests. The backrest is also made of a slender round piece of wood, in which many other wooden rods were often inserted, which connect the bow with the seat. The seat itself is often round and has a slight hollow in the wood, in which buttocks fit comfortably. The 19th century Victorian country chair is probably even older, but the Victorian era antique Windsor chairs are most common. The exact origin of the chairs cannot be determined. Also, the origin of the name Windsor is not entirely certain, some suspect that the chair comes from the city of Windsor; however, many other sources refute this and are confident that it only refers to the particular style of the Victorian country house chair.

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