Classic Desks from England

A beautifully furnished study room is a good precondition for good work. With our classic desks from England you can go for it in a classy and organized way. We offer a large selection of different classic desks from England that are made especially for you. May it be an oval, round or angular English desk? And what kind of wood do you prefer when it comes to your desk? You have plenty of choices since we build the classic desks from England just the way you want it to be done.

English solid wood desks matching the Chesterfield chair

English solid wood desks keep the promise of quality and prestige. Noble wood sorts such as mahogany, walnut or rosewood speak for themselves: they are durable, attractive and easy to care for. These traditional styles and wood sorts create a classy atmosphere while spreading some antique flair without even being antique. Our English solid wood desks are made traditionally and authentically which makes them the perfect partner for the Chesterfield chair. Just place a Chesterfield chair that you like, preferably a desk chair, in front of your english solid wood desk and enjoy the harmonious atmosphere.


English Desks: Ladies Desks and more

For the lady we offer traditional ladies desks from England: small, decorated, with beautiful curves. Some of these English desks are designed in a kidney shape which makes them real eyecatchers. Definitely an eye-catcher! There are many more styles of English desks besides the ladies desks. Another famous example is the Davenport desk. One of our all-time favourites might be the aesthetic cylinder desk which is one of the particularly useful and special English desks.

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