Fine classic lamps: The Tiffany lamps

The defining Art Nouveau lamps of the Louis Comfort Tiffany

Tiffany lamps are still among the most important representatives of Art Nouveau and are perhaps the most formative Art Nouveau lamps ever. The Tiffany lamps got their name from their creator Louis Comfort Tiffany. He was an important American representative of Art Nouveau and lived from 1848 to 1933. On his extensive travels he got to know the glasses of the Egyptian pharaohs. Inspired by them, he returned to his hometown New York and began producing his glass art. The coveted Tiffany Art Nouveau lamps and extraordinary windows, such as the windows for the New York Cathedral, were his lifework. Among all his creations, the Art Nouveau lamps are still among the most popular objects, although they were initially only created from the waste products of window manufacturing. Most of these lamps carry the typical Art Nouveau feature: floral patterns, flowers, leaves and butterflies, and dreamy, fairy-tale color combinations. That's probably what makes them the most typical of all Art Nouveau lamps, despite their special design.


Tiffany lights are something special

Even today, the modern Tiffany lights are produced in the same way as in the early years. Individual pieces of glass are put together with copper foil and solder to a colorful mosaic. Characteristic of genuine Tiffany lamps are therefore the many beautiful colors that are enhanced by their lighting in expression and literally shimmering. These are very special lamps, since this type of production does not occur in any other style even in similar form and design. The Tiffany lights can be colorful or discreetly held. This depends entirely on the personal taste, the lamp should also be tailored to the design interior of your home. Particularly beautiful and unusual are the artfully shaped animals in the style of Tiffany glass art. Art lovers can complement their decor with these classic lamps. The magnificent Tiffany lights are a must for anyone who appreciates special aesthetics.

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