Antique furniture

French, German and English antiques

Morris Antiques offers a beautiful selection of English antiques. We also have a variety of German antiques from oak, walnut and softwood, and we have some extraordinary and typical French antiques as well. Our antiques are from different periods of history and therefore rare and special. Gladly browse around our online shop and find something special. We have sorted our English antiques by category to help you search and navigate. If you are looking for a 19th century English chest of drawers or an English secretary from the times of Victoria and Edward, you are in the right place. Antiques are of course unique items from another time, they have seen times that are so different from today. For a classic and prestigious style we recommend to combine your antique furniture with a Chesterfield sofa. English antiques and Chesterfield furniture look amazingly good together. And the best thing is there are always new pieces to be found in these categories.

English antiques of high quality matching your Chesterfield sofa

Get an original Chesterfield sofa from the past and spread nostalgia in your rooms. Antiques are no mass-produced products made of cheap material, but furniture made of high-quality massive woods that one can only dream of today. Is there still a place today where inlays are laid in solid wood, and the glass of an English cabinet is fitted into the wooden doors by hand? And which producers still polish by hand? All these qualities we find only in the beautiful English antiques. To complete these beautiful and high-quality pieces of furniture, we recommend an original English Chesterfield sofa. How about a pair of small mahogany side tables that you place right and left of your Chesterfield sofa? English antiques are not only high quality, but also furniture with character that tell stories. These wonderful features are something they have in common with the popular Chesterfield sofa.


Antiques and Period Furniture from England

There is a huge variety of English antiques to be found here. But in addition to them, or just in case you are not exactly looking for real antiques, we also offer new handcrafted furniture from England in the style of real antiques, which are made at your request by our selected furniture manufacturers. There is still a handful of furniture makers in England who know their craft. They build an English wardrobe or English Chesterfield sofa just like their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Lovers of antique English style will find everything their heart desires at Morris Antiques - from the classic Chesterfield sofa to English antiques. We are happy to advise you in detail, so just call us or write an e-mail.

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