Antique decorations and bronze statues – icing on the furniture cake

What a perfectly furnished room needs is always a slight bit of carefully selected antique decoration. Antique decorations such as the very old clock, the dusty compass or the airplane model, create a nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere and amaze your guests. Even more shiny are some wonderful, detailed and defined bronze statues. There are lots of famous statues that have been remade several times in history. Those high-quality replicas are rare and highly appreciated. Whether you are a collector or just want to enjoy the antique decorations in your interior: You will surely find something suitable for you very personal taste and interior style.

Classy and versatile: retro and vintage decorations

Retro and vintage decorations are very trendy nowadays. They are classy and versatile and can be used even in the most modern lofts to create a cozy and lovely atmosphere. They prevent modern chrome-biased homes from looking bare and cold. On the other hand retro and vintage decorations fit perfectly in classic vintage interior styles and are easily combined with a chesterfield sofa or a clubsofa. Typical vintage decorations go with almost everything, therefore they are used in Victorian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles as well as in modern, post-modern and industrial styles. That is the reason for their great reputation as a versatile and pretty kind of decoration. Furthermore their quality is beyond any mass-produced decorations. They are classy and even those who are not familiar with decorations or antiques can see that. What makes these retro and vintage decorations special is the fact that they are indeed antique. They are authentic and have plenty of stories to tell, you just need to take a closer look at their slightly marked or scratched surface which gives them a lovely vintage look, too.


Beautiful and authentic Maritim decorations

We carry a large assortment of nautical decorations , most are from the prestigious brand Maritim. These decorations are all made in a nautical style that differs in authenticity and romanticism: beautiful, old accessories with great detail, such as a fishing net, a classic red and white lifebelt, a shiny old compass, an old yellowed globe or a wonderful ship model in a bulbous glass bottle. The Maritim decorations make a magnificent, romantic ship out of your home and it feels like there is a salty-fresh sea fragrance in the room. They look even better in a room full of classy art deco furniture and art deco lamps.

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